Harmony Hackathon Retrospective Notes

by Terry Hughes Friday, April 01, 2011 04:15 PM

Harmony Hacks Retrospective Notes

In case my handwritting is unintelligible.

  • Justin stepping up to be the customer rep.
  • Liked the environment/facilities
       same room
  • No negative interactions
  • New phrases
  • Good/committed product owner
  • "C# is better than Java" -Scott
  • Good learning experience
  • Made the product owner think about the workflow, rethink the process
  • Demoing often
  • Having a central place to demo
  • Backbone derailment
       (communication problem?)
  • Needed a skeleton/starter kit
  • Not much to do @ first
       a smaller group for a new project (4~5)
       a larger group for adding features to an existing project
  • Needing a benevolent dictator
  • Conflict between getting an understanding of the problem & solving the problem
  • Didn't solve the file backup project
  • Needed more formality
       actually standing up
  • Loving the CRUD
  • Very painful to watch the rubber band effect
  • Didn't do it the way we KNOW we should have

We also thought we should have had a time-lapse camera.

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