by Terry Hughes Saturday, May 03, 2008 10:58 PM

I attended the last event with a co-worker a couple weekends ago. This was my first open space experience, which was amazing to see in action. I wasn't sure what to expect but left realizing that it is more about the conversation, interaction, and socialization/networking than learning. I left refreshed and energized about what I do and I'm looking forward to new possibilities.


5/8/2008 5:15:24 AM #

Steven "Doc" List

I think you're partially right, Terry. Open Spaces are definitely about conversation, interaction, and socializing/networking. But I disagree that it's more about those than about learning. The learning, however, does frequently take a different form than most of us are accustomed to in "traditional" conferences. The learning occurs in a far more collaborative and participatory fashion.

Steven "Doc" List

5/8/2008 7:15:53 PM #

Terry Hughes

Doc, you're absolutely right. I was thinking in more "traditional" terms. Reflecting back, I realize that I was exposed to a lot of new ideas. Most of which interest me a great deal, and will require further investigation. Thank you for the insite.

Terry Hughes

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